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Other Symbols You May See

Fashion is a global business and our clothes can come from virtually anywhere in the world. The symbols used in the UK are also used across Europe.

In the USA the symbols are similar but not the same. Details of their labelling system are available below.

If you find any other care symbols you don't recognise contact us and we should be able to tell you what they mean.


THE SYMBOLS APPROVED FOR THE USE IN THE U.S. ARE THE ASTM SYMBOLS. The ASTM symbols are accepted in most of Europe and Asia. At present negotiations are underway to harmonize the major two systems. ASTM and GINETEX, into a truly universal symbols system for care procedures.

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This chart illustrates the care symbols accepted by the American Federal Trade commission as part of a conditional exemption to the FTC Care Labelling Rule (16 (FR 423). The above chart is referenced from ASTM D5489-96c.

The ASTM chart illustrates the symbols used for laundering and dry cleaning instructions. As a minimum, laundering instructions shall include, in order four symbols; washing, bleaching, drying and ironing; and dry cleaning instructions shall include one symbol. Additional symbols or words may be used to clarify the instructions.

Other Labelling Information:

UKFT maintains a global database of the care labelling requirements in all other major markets throughout the world. As well as advice on care labelling, UKFT can also provide members with information on the different requirements on fibre content and country of origin labelling.

If you require further information on fibre content or nightwear regulations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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