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The 5 care symbols shown at the top of your screen are actually a trademark and the trademark is owned by GINETEX.

Because the symbols are trademarked in some European markets companies have to pay for the right to use the symbols. The level of payment varies but in some cases is based on the number of garments sold.

However, for a limited additional fee UKFT members are exempt from any charges that may be levied for the use of the wash care symbols in any European country as UKFT is a member of GINETEX. Countries that impose charges include Belgium, Finland and Switzerland.

The GINETEX care labelling system is based on the following principles:

  • The care symbols provide information on the maximum permitted type of treatment.
  • The care symbols must always be used in full and in the prescribed sequence.
  • The care labelling must be clear, readily understandable, easy to use and not dependent on any particular language.
  • The care symbols must not leave room for possible misinterpretation by the consumer.
  • The uniform care labelling system using symbols must take account of consumer habits without using complex technical data.
  • The appliances used for textile care purposes must ensure the best possible implementation of the recommended care treatment.

Adaptations which are necessary to keep up with ongoing technical and economic developments must as far as possible be made without the use of new symbols and additions in the framework of the existing system.

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